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 In the photo: Director General Vladimir Popov Leonardovich

Not often life develops so that the work and hobbies constitutes a coherent whole. Me, even when served as commander of the aircraft, it seemed that this is only possible in aviation. However, life is much multifaceted. Year career is over. Underwater Hunt, regular swimming in ice holes, Alpine skiing, kite allowed to fill lack of adrenaline, obtained in sky. Harder to find the embodiment of his creative powers, if had to, literally sense to come down from heaven to earth, and from cockpit transfer to the office "commander" of furniture production.

Due to this, in among our customers the citizens of the Russian Federation, Administration of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas, “Volga Shipping Company”, chain stores “Electronics”, “Spar”, “Magnet”, ”Electra”, Corporation “Sony”,”Samsung”,“Siberian coast”, “Harmony”, “Dolce vita”, fitness – Centers “World Class”, ”Sormovich”, “Quartz”, “Gold`s fitness”, hotel complex premium – Class “ Seagull” and etc. Geography services expanded from Nizhniy Novgorod to Urals and further to the Krasnoyarsk Krai.


On aircraft flew 20 odd years. First on

small, then on heavy equipment in the aviation

plant. Flew the Caucasus in “hot” point - exported

Refugees, imported goods. Graduated fly in 1997 year.

She currently works General Director Furniture




The furniture market since 1997.

Direction activity:

To produce design design furniture and interior elements

  • Apartments
  • cottages
  • shopping and business - Centers
  • boutiques
  • restaurants and cafes
  • sports complexes
  • fitness Clubs
  • Salons Beauty
  • Banks
  • Cinema
  • ships


  • Salon-Downtown (st. Gorky d.162)
  • Production - Downtown (intersection of Tverskaya and st. Genkina)

Always free Parking

  • We buy only raw materials and accessories. Full production and highly qualified specialists perform any assignment of the customer or designer
  • Materials: chipboard,, MDF, veneer, array, plastics, GRP, metal, glass, plywood, artificial stone, polyurethane, polycarbonate, PVC etc.
Absolute exclusive - a product of complex forms of fiberglass
Absolute Exclusive - Painting:
  • furniture fronts
  • individual elements
  • production of large the size of the collection

The highest gloss and perfect matte finish is achieved through the use of paint materials of the Italian group "Arch Coatings" (Sayerlack), scrupulous observance of Technology, integrity of our employees, Hard OTK.

We paint a perfect gloss:

  • Rack bar and Reception
  • capitals, columns, beams, moldings, wall panels
  • exclusive furniture project designer
  • most products complex forms of GRP


  • reliability and honesty partnership
  • precise performance terms of manufacturing
  • reliable warranty maintenance products
  • flawless Technological literacy is the calculation
  • ergonomics Products
  • the absolute embodiment of project design in the product
  • application in producing the highest quality, environmentally friendly, durable materials.





















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